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Don't Just Build A Website, Build A Web Business

Cesar Abueg - Monday, February 23, 2009
Building a website is much more than just having a few pages with information about your company and the products and services it offers. Your website needs to be an extension of your business tied in with your overall marketing plan.

Your website can be the first thing your potential customer sees of your business, so ask yourself:

  • Does your website reflect your company image?
  • Does it tie in with your other marketing ventures?
  • Is the information on the site accurate?
  • Is your website selling your product or service effectively?

Here are some characteristics of a Web Business:

  • All company communications reflect on your website and in all your marketing efforts
  • Branding consistency is apparent (Is your message the same in all media?)
  • Content on your site needs to be worth looking at and is constantly changing and growing
  • Capture visitor information (Got a Newsletter sign-up or Contact Form)
  • Data is compiled and analyzed for strategic business decisions
  • Give Customers a voice (Forums, Comments, Blog, etc)
  • Voice out strategically and get feedback immediately (Newsletter Marketing Reporting)
  • Sell with confidence (Well organized products and services with Call-to-Actions)
  • Search Engines can actually find you online (Especially locally!)
Your website needs to be working for you on a daily basis, earning you money and increasing in value for your company.

Stay tuned to find out more about building a web business, or contact us today.

About the Author:
Cesar Abueg Jr. is a ten year web veteran with a passion for business, and people. He is the President & CEO of SDG Agency, a small web design & marketing agency based in Central Florida. He is a FilAm wanting to change the world. You can connect with him on Twitter or Facebook.

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